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The Story Between Us

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Bringing out your truth

Relating without compromise requires that both my truth and your truth be expressed and heard before a common choice is taken.

Album of memorable events - right of passage to wholeness
Memorable events are those that were outside the scope of my conscious mind when they happened. Recollecting these events is right of passage to return back to wholeness.
Timing - my rhythm for the spiritual path
Timing is surfing the flow of my own path. It's following what is true for me now, even if that truth will later change. Timing is traveling at the speed I can take all of me
Tantra - the art of shared totality
Tantra is the path to sharing everything (not with everyone/not all the time). It has three per-requisites. I want to know myself, I want to know you, and I want moments of shared reality
Vertical and horizontal awareness
Vertical awareness is connecting to other dimensions, withdrawing awareness from "this world", to "see" through "me" (who am I?). Horizontal awareness is amplifying being in this dimension in order to "see" through "you" (who are you?)
Protective mechanisms - blocking aspects of reality
We choose protective mechanisms when we can't leave and there's a consistent energetic "no win" in our present (mostly young child). To "resolve" this "no win" we disable an aspect of direct sensing and install a story instead
Personal Power - the ability to activate & live by your knowings
Personal Power is the "battery" that allows you to realize (make real for you) your inherent wisdom. It's not the wisdom, only the "juice" to activate it
Slowing down - separate present seeing from past conclusions
Mind moves quickly because it acts on what has been decided "in advance". Raw seeing moves slowly in order to touch/scan reality here and now. Most of our experiential reality comes form mind (meaning) and not from what we actually see (present)
The domain of "not knowing"
Living and moving in the domain of "not knowing" - releasing the "I" control mechanisms, releasing the "I" and entering the domain of what is larger than "I"
The way out of "disorders"
Me, relative to something, is where "disorder" exist. To know your being is not to "remove a disorder", but to remove the frame of reference in which the "disorder" exists.
What does it mean to express a want?
How you handle wants in relating determines the direction it will go and the quality of the experience. Many relational battles happen simply because of a different perceptions of wants, independent of the want itself.
Are you present when you talk?
Your expression of you being in words is not your being, but it does not have to come instead of your being either. When you are "there" while you speak it is added channel, a "simultaneous translation" of your being, into the spoken language
Relating before, during & after self
Relational quality from different perceptions of self.
  • Codependent- removing colors that don't "agree" (white instead of color)
  • Independent- being a color (red instead of blue)
  • Dance- joining colors, forming a rainbow.
  • Real change - trees, ties and circles
    As long as you are "tied" you will repeat your experiences, going in "circles", like a sheep tied to a tree. To change is to question, and shift, the tie that creates your circle, not study the infinite "problems" of it.
    Healing the past - breathing the "elephant"
    To heal the past, to really "change", requires three steps. To know that the pain I experience now does not exist now, to "trace" it back to where it did exist and to breathe with it until it is done.
    Your own private balance
    Finding balance is a personal thing. Everyone is reacting to a different history (childhood, past lives) which sets them off-balance in a personal and specific way. The spiritual path is the art of making your own corrections to your own history.Finding balance is a personal thing. Everyone is reacting to a different history (childhood, past lives) which sets them off-balance in a personal and specific way. The spiritual path is the art of making your own corrections to your own history.
    The art of being picky
    As we remove the mask/protection between what is inside and what is outside we have to replace it with being picky as to who we spend time with and how long. We return to the natural pickiness of children. It may seem like a judgment, but it's no more judgment than a bee choosing which flower to land on and how long to stay. It's simply a preference without need for reason - pickiness.
    Do you believe in table?
    The difference between believing in something and knowing / touching it directly
    To be or to belong? The choice to be split
    The internal battle is between my being and my personality. To belong requires that I "forget" part of my being and wear a suit of personality, what I "should be", in order to play.
    Acts of power vs. acts of explanation
    Acts of power are acts that happen outside the domain of explanation, they are not necessarily "forceful", they can be very small and externally insignificant, only they are an act not a re-act
    The reality filter / interpretation / story
    When we filter what we say or hear we stop the direct sensing of life force and exchange it for a "good interpretation". Real intimacy requires that we remove those filters and resume direct knowing
    As intimate as your willing to see
    You can only get as close to another as what you're not willing to see
    The three masteries - awareness, transformation and intent
    Shifting attention from the "world of people" (beliefs about reality - indirect knowing) to the "world of being" (direct perception) requires moving through 3 masteries
    Library of reality versus direct knowing
    When we see things directly we perceive, and the perception is direct. When we close our "energetic eyes" we must create a library to "compensate" for our "lost" direct perception, like a blind person creates a map of reality existing only in memory
    Self pity - The game and resolution
    Self pity brings others into the "prison" of my past pain, the experience of "poor me", replaying and recreating a memory of powerlessness. As long as you are still in this prison there is value in it, and as long as you use it, you are still in prison. To reclaim power is to drop self pity and clear the story and memory of pain
    The warmth between us
    Even total awareness of divine unity does not replace the warmth of personal awareness, of the "space between us". Having both spaces allows both a knowing of self and of others in a way that will honor both.
    The power of anger
    Anger as a tool for self transformation - how to use and transform anger and not be a victim of it, nor make other pay for it
    Internal Silence
    Internal silence is the removal of the vehicle of "me", the state of facing reality, as it is, without a filter. It's not better, only a doorway to the world of direct perception.
    The practical and sober spiritual path
    The practical spiritual path does not depend on moments of realization, or happiness. It's a life oath you choose because the road calls you more than the "detours". To travel it requires a steadiness of determination, unbending intent, to keep going even as you are honor and process the scenery
    Aloneness of perception
    Coming together through agreement of perception forms a community of agreement, and must exclude what does not agree. Coming together through the aloneness of perception is conscious community, letting go of pretending and exclusion.
    The world of agreement and the world of will
    The video "Charlie bit my finger" is a great example of the interplay between the world of agreement (the older bother) and the world of will (charlie), The world of reaction and explanation and convincing, and the world of one way action and will.
    The more alone you are the more of your attention you can share with another.
    A choice of reality
    Choosing the balance/volume of each aspect of your attention is what creates your world.
    Transcending the self
    What does it really mean to transcend the self and why would you want it?
    Sexuality and Spirituality
    Sexuality is like the waves in the ocean, does not conform to morality or thought, it simply exists, playing, dancing
    Relative volume on the spiritual path
    It's not that a "flower" suddenly appears, but that attention that had been occupied with the loudness of "war", was released enough to see the subtlety of "flower"
    Owning your knowing
    It's not enough to know things intellectually. Then it's only a belief. To claim it as a knowing you must know it as an experience
    Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda
    Don Juan, through Castaneda's recording, opened up the secrets of the sorcerer's path to the general public. In the dance between them, they gave the world a gift, a most pragmatic and practical map to freedom
    Relating Awake - the art of conscious relating
    Beyond ideas of right and wrong there's a field, I'll meet you there" - Rumi. The choice (and consequences) of playing in that field. Relating through presence, without thought. Intimacy, truth and openness with what is
    What is the Mind / Ego
    What is the tool of Ego / Mind and what is it used for?
    Replacing Automatic pilot with awareness
    power. Walking the thin line between child and child-like
    Who is the spiritual path for?
    Who would benefit from the spiritual path? Who is it for? Why?
    Relating Awake - Two kinds of awakeness
    Exploring the two "directions" of awakeness, internal (me to the universe) and external (me to you)
    Conscious / Awake Community
    The intent and requirements of forming an awake community, a group knowing. "It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual., but the form of a conscious community -- a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living" Thich Nhat Hanh.
    The four enemies of a man of knowledge
    On the path to awakeness there are four main enemies (adopted from Don Juan / Castaneda). Fear, clarity, power and tiredness.
    The end of the path of wisdom
    Wisdom is preparation for the path of your own knowing, the path of personal power. Wisdom is the "map" but it is not the journey itself
    Two types of memory
    Alive memory and empty memory. The process of reclaiming my attention from a memory - recapitulation
    Living in the balance
    The middle way - accessing the totality of your being requires knowing each aspects and then balancing them all as a system
    Reclaiming your power
    Giving up and reclaiming power. Exploring the locks and choices we made as children to "restrict" some aspect of our being, seeing how they play themselves out, and the path of reclaiming power.
    Personal power - earning your spiritual truths
    Spiritual truths become real and tangible when you have the "personal power" to activate them.. Personal power is your energetic "budget", the awareness and attention free to see "what is" (rather than interpreting what is)

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